Google analytics with ERP CRM data flow

Google analytics and ERP Data analysis using RynData BI

Ryndata software is providing integrated framework for website Google analytics data and ERP data integration to analyse business clearly. Google analytics is limited to website traffic and URL based only. While mixing website URL and company inhouse attributes of URL give great insight to view site performance accurately. Here is more information about data integration,
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Retail Data Analysis , OLAP Designer, Database Designer

Business Intelligence setup in 1 hour.

In 12 setup business intelligence for organization Step 1: Set SQL database server name and database as target data warehouse system. Step 2:  Data Modelling Step 3 : Setup Fact (Measure) Tables and Formula . Step 4: OLAP Cube Setup Step 5: Data ETL Setup Step 6: System Design and configuration Step 7: DW and
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Business Intelligence in Manufacturing

Common Key performance indicators for Manufacturing Asset utilization Availability Avoided cost Capacity utilization Comparative analytics for products, plants, divisions, companies Compliance rates (for government regulations, etc.) Customer complaints Customer satisfaction Cycle time Demand forecasting Faults detected prior to failure First aid visits First time through Forecasts of production quantities, etc. Increase/decrease in plant downtime Industry
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