Reporting and Data Analytics

Excel is one of powerful and easy tool for reporting and analytics and planning. RynData is extension application for Excel. Which is integrated with SQL analysis services and Ryn BI tool. Users can store workbooks centrally on do analysis. Cubes and data are ready to prepare any kind of reports using Power BI, Microstrategy, Tableau, R.

Excel, Power BI, Microstrategy, Tableau, R

Data integration with source and DW

Data integration with batch mode loading and data flow monitoring
ETL and Data pipeline

RynBI Data Flow

To Feed data to data warehouse we need to define data pipeline from source to Data Platform and vice-versa. RynBI data flow generate stubs and staging area as per data model. RynBI Batch controller process source data and apply transformation. Once data is processed loaded in Data Warehouse and SQL server analysis services process them.

Data integration with source to Data warehouse data flow architecture

RynData BI & AI Data Flow

Ryn BI Engine

For Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence software one of biggest challenge in data modelling. RynBI engine gives simple approach for making data model only in few clicks.

Data integration with source to Data warehouse data flow in Ryndata BI
Data warehouse data modeling architecture and integrated software
Business Intelligence

RynData Modeler

Once business process is well defined Business Intelligence process need to setup. Cubes, Dimensions, Measures and KPIs need to defined. These all activities are done by developer in classical way using Visual studio or any other tools. This step becomes difficult when relation between data and hierarchy grow. Any small change in BI solution need to test again. RynBI controls these all steps and make simple. Integrated feature makes these all only in few clicks.

Industries needs Business Intelligence(BI) & Artificial Intelligence(AI)

RynData Data Platform

RynData BI

Big data analytical platform architecture with Ryndatalab

User transaction data (Relational database, or OLTP) Flat file, records or other formats of data etc. -> ETL processes-> Data Warehouse->Data Mart->OLAP additional sorting, categorizing, filtering etc. provide meaningful insights – BI.

Start Now!

1. Data Source

Import your data from popular web applications and flat files or connect to your existing data warehouse.

2. Data Warehousing

Let RynData automatically generate a data model from your schema. Refine the model to reflect your company’s unique metrics and business logic.

3. Reporting & Analytics

Build the basics — KPI dashboards and departmental reports — then invite all your users to self-serve.

Data models for reference:

Model Name Description Domain
Default BI Model Quick BI Business administration
Raymond Retail Planning OTB Solution Retail
Retail Planing Planing retail BI
Covid Corona Data analysis, time and geographical database Heathcare, Social engineering
POS Intelligence Business Intelligence for point of sale data. Retail industry
MES BI Electronics manufacturing intelligence, OEE, Yield, Downtime defect analysis Manufacturing
MittelSchule BI Ausbuiilding Intelligence Education
Fashion Store Fashion Store BI
OTB Calculator Open to buy planning Merchandise planning